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We are delivering our exams through our proctored assessment platform as the final step to completing our Courses.

Our Online Examination

These final examinations are “live” proctored over an internet connection. Unlike traditional methods of assessment, members can complete their assessment from the comfort of their computer while ensuring the integrity of the 3T Impex Academy programs. Upon passing the final examination, learners will be issued an accredited 3T Impex Certificate for the respective programme.

Our Online Examination

The 3T Impex Academy examinations are live proctored over an internet connection.  When the test begins, the live proctor (individual supervising the test) will allow test-takers to complete their assessment from their computer while still ensuring the integrity of the exam for the institution.

Our innovative platform allows a proctor to monitor test-takers in an easy, three-step process:

1. Monitor the test-taker via webcam

2. Secure the computer monitor in real-time

3. Authenticate the test-taker’s identity and testing environment.

3T Impex Academy Examination Process

When can I take my exam?

Once you have completed the prerequisites for final examination, you will be prompted to log into the 3T Impex Academy Examination portal directly from your 3T Impex Academy account. You simply select the date and time you wish to take the online examination – and that’s it!

The pass rate for the final examination is set at 70%.

What do I need?

Kindly contact our Help Desk: for more details.

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