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Mastering Your Market Under AfCFTA — Chad

Overview of Chad

The Chad, is a sub-Saharan African country with combined land area of about 1,284,000km2 (Wikipedia). It is located in the Central African region, bothering countries like Nigeria, CAR, Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Niger and Cameroon with its capital in N’Djamena. It is among on of the 15 landlocked countries in Africa, which means shipments into the country would be done via other modes of transportation other than sea. Agriculture and livestock breeding are important economic activities that employ 75% of the population – most of them are engaged in subsistence farming. Overall, the primary sector accounts for 46.3% of Chad’s GDP (World Bank). Main crops grown are sorghum, millet, and berebere, with minor production of cotton, sugarcane and peanut. A vast part of Chad’s landscape is a desert landscape, and the country’s most fertile croplands (the areas with an average annual rainfall of 800 millimeters or more) are in the Soudanian, which accounts for about 10% of the total land area.
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